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Why zero waste and sustainable development?

We live in a time where every step we take matters for us and the generations to come. Unfortunately, the global situation is alarming. We can hardly comprehend the damage and impact of pollution on the entire living world and our one and only planet. Decades of mass production and use of plastics, along with other dirty industries, have left devastating consequences on the environment.

The need for responsible production processes demands certain changes in our manufacturing culture. Since day one, All Nut has embarked on the path of sustainable development and the preservation of natural resources. Our range boasts a variety of facial, body and hair cleansing soaps crafted using the traditional method of saponification with the finest oils. Through this technique, we’ve created over twenty different solid soaps that require no packaging and produce zero waste. This idea is not just a trend, but a pivotal step towards reducing waste. Read more about our soap

Another favorite among our cherished consumers is our nourishing body lotions in solid form, which also eliminate the need for packaging, requiring only a piece of paper to wrap them. Read more about our zero waste body lotions.

Zero waste implies producing goods without packaging or using materials that are biodegradable, recycled, or reusable to reduce waste. This involves minimizing the use of plastics, utilizing materials with a smaller ecological footprint, and supporting systems that promote sustainability.

Zero waste packaging often employs biodegradable materials as an alternative to plastic. Materials like cardboard, paper, cellulose fibers, and bioplastics that degrade faster in nature represent a more sustainable option. In this regard, All Nut also supports packaging that is entirely biodegradable. Some of our products are packaged in cardboard, which is fully biodegradable and compostable.

The refill system is one aspect of the zero waste concept we strive to adapt, particularly for products sold in glass containers, such as face creams. For now, a conventional refill system (refills in-store) is impractical due to technical reasons and product safety concerns. Instead, we accept all our packaging back and, after sterilization, refill them with products before returning them to the shelves.

In addition to independently adapting to the needs of sustainable environmental development, our mission is to make this lifestyle commonplace for everyone. We strive to inform every consumer in detail about all the benefits of a waste-free life.

Supporting local production is a key aspect of sustainable environmental development. All Nut started from there. We source fruit seeds from local farms in Serbia, which serve as the basis for all our other products. Thus, sustainable development is indeed the backbone of All Nut’s production.

Zero waste packaging and sustainable development are not just a trend but a critical component of a more sustainable future. Its adoption by companies, consumers, and legislation is a step towards a cleaner and healthier planet for present and future generations.

In line with this philosophy, zero waste packaging is not just a practical strategy but also an expression of responsibility towards our only home – Earth.

Written by Marina Panic

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